OK Dollars Program Terms and Conditions:

  1. OK Dollars Program is applicable to Circle K Visa Card (‘’The Card’’).
  2. OK Dollars Program is applicable to Visa payWave contactless payment transaction only.
  3. For every card spending of HK $1 (excluding cigarettes, cash vouchers, online game e- vouchers, mobile pre-paid SIM/ Wi-Fi cards/ recharge e- vouchers/ Wi-Fi refill cards, online game cards, Octopus products, gift cards, prepaid cards, products of vending machines, redemption items, e-tickets, bus tickets, stamps, environmental levy on plastic shopping bags, delivery service and other services (including but not limited to prepayment, bill payment, remittance, donation, Octopus reloading/ last 10 transactions printout, fax, photocopy, battery recharge, battery rental, courier service, fulfillment, catalogue sales, photofinishing ) at Circle K Convenience Stores in HKSAR region, cardholder is entitled to $0.015 OK Dollar.
  4. Accumulated OK Dollars can be used as cash concurrently within the same transaction at Circle K Convenience Stores in HKSAR region. When using OK Dollars, it must be in integral and fully set off the amount payable in The Card account. 
    a. Spending amount equal to OK Dollars: OK Dollars will be used to pay for the full 
    price of merchandise.
    b. Spending amount less than OK Dollars: OK Dollars will be used to pay for the full price of merchandise, and the remaining OK Dollars can be reserved for next purchase.
    c. Spending amount greater than OK Dollars: All OK Dollars will be debited and the difference will be charged to your Circle K Visa Card by payWave contactless payment.
  5. OK Dollars cannot be used to pay for products and service including bill payment, Octopus Automatic Add Value Service and TaoDot service, etc.
  6. Accrued valid OK Dollars and its expiry date will be shown on the cardholder’s monthly statement. Please contact Circle K Convenience Stores customer service hotline at 2991 6337 for details of accrued OK Dollars amount.
  7. For OK Dollars earned from the respective month, which can be used on/ after 15th of next month.
  8. Expired OK Dollars and OK Dollars of cancelled card account will become void automatically and will not be accepted for redemption.
  9. If the OK Dollars balance shown on cardholder’s statement is negative, Circle K Convenience Stores reserves the right to recover the same amount (an equivalent to $1 OK Dollar to $1 HK Dollar).
  10. OK Dollars are not transferable. Combined OK Dollars from the same cardholder’s principal cards and supplementary cards for redemption purpose are also not allowed.
  11. Circle K Convenience Stores will not be responsible on any failure in accumulating or using OK Dollars due to the card damage. For the card replacement, please contact AEON Customer service hotline at 2895 6262.
  12. Circle K Convenience Stores reserves the right to reject any redemption or cancel any OK Dollars if the cardholder is in breach of the cardholder agreement or the card is cancelled or the card account is not in current status.
  13. Fraud and abuse relating to the earning or redemption of OK Dollars may result in the forfeiture of accrued OK Dollars.
  14. Circle K Convenience Stores has the right to terminate the OK Dollars Program, cancel or vary its benefits, withdraw or change the merchants of the OK Dollars Program, modify or limit the value of OK Dollars and/or the use of redemption.
  15. Circle K Convenience Stores reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions herein and the OK Dollars Program required for redemption from time to time without prior notice.
  16. All disputes will be subject to the final decision of Circle K Convenience Stores.