Overseas ATM withdrawal activation Important Notes:

  1. With effect from 1 March 2018, the overseas ATM withdrawal function for all AEON Cards will be pre-set as “deactivated”.  Cardholder is required to activate the Overseas ATM Withdrawal function through specified channels for such function to be available.
  2. To activate the Overseas ATM Withdrawal function, you need to set the Activation Date, End Date and Overseas ATM Daily Withdrawal Limit.
  3. The overseas ATM daily withdrawal limit may be set at any amount up to the available unused credit limit of the credit card from time to time. Overseas ATMs may nonetheless impose a separate cap on withdrawal limit in local currency per day and/ or per withdrawal.
  4. The maximum activation period is 365 days from the Activation Date.
  5. The overseas ATM cash withdrawal function will become immediately effective upon making of activation request.
  6. Overseas ATM withdrawal limit for an AEON Card is card-specific and cannot be transferred to any other cards under all circumstances irrespective of the cardholders.
  7. There is no fee charged for the activation or deactivation of the Overseas ATM Withdrawal function.
  8. For supplementary cardholder, the activation of overseas ATM cash withdrawal function or the withdrawal limit of a supplementary card is independent of the setting of the principal card.
  9. In case of any inconsistency between the notes above in English and its Chinese translation, the English version shall always prevail.