AEON Debt Consolidation Loan

AEON Debt Consolidation Loan allows you to consolidate all your debts into a lower interest loan; with repayment period up to 60 months. Clear your debts faster to becoming debt-free.

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Loan Amount (HK$)
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For reference only, please call 2239 9804.
Loan application result is subject to final decision of AEON.


Loan Features:

• Monthly flat rate as low as 0.2% (Annual Percentage Rate: 4.49%)
• Loan amount up to HK$1,000,000 or 12 times your monthly salary, whichever is lower
• Flexible repayment period from 6 months up to 60 months
• No handling fee
• Save Interest Up to 96%


Application Methods:

• Apply on AEON Website
• Loan application hotline 2239 9000
• AEON Branches
Whatsapp (Live Answer)


Documents required:

• Hong Kong Identity Card
• Address proof
• Bank account information
• Income proof document



If additional income proof document can be provided, acceptable covers including latest 3-month bank statement / passbook, tax demand note, payroll advice. It helps to obtain a higher loan amount.

Only applicable to the loan amount of HK$600,000 or above.

With loan amount of HK$600,000 and 12 months loan repayment tenor for calculation. The lowest annualized percentage rate (“APR”) 4.49% is calculated by loan amount of HK$600,000, monthly flat rate of 0.2% with repayment period of 12 months. The illustration assumes a loan amount of HK$600,000, monthly flat rate of 0.2% with repayment period of 12 months. The total interest payable is HK$14,400, and the total loan repayment amount is HK$614,400. The above example is for reference only.

a In the above example, repayment of credit balance is based on minimum payment amount only, and it is assumed that all the total outstanding balance is credit card balance of HK$600,000, with a general credit card monthly interest rate of 2.66%; in each month only 1% of the credit card balance or HK$200 (whichever is higher) is repaid. The monthly repayment amount is the average repayment amount for the first 6 months. During the period there is no new transactions, annual fees and other fees.

b The above AEON Debt Consolidation Loan service is calculated based on the loan amount of HK$600,000, repayment period of 48 months and the monthly flat rate of 0.2%. The actual annual interest rate is 4.66%, and the total interest expense has been rounded to an integer. The final repayment period and monthly repayment amount will vary slightly subject to various factors, such as the minimum monthly repayment amount and interest rate factors of the customer's existing credit card. The above examples are for reference only, please contact AEON for more details.

AEON Debt Consolidated Loan “DCL” Plan Terms and Conditions:

      1. The Company will not accept any application for the DCL for the purpose of settling outstanding amounts in connection with AEON Credit Cards or for the purpose of refinancing any loans provided by the Company.
      2. After deducting interest/ other amounts payable to the Company (if applicable) from the approved loan amount, the Company, on behalf of the customer, shall use the loan amount approved by the Company (in whole or in part) to settle the whole or part of the outstanding balance(s) under the customer’s designated credit card(s) and personal loan(s) with other financial institutions (“Designated Non-AEON Debts”). Any residual loan amount (if any) will be deposited in the designated sole name bank account of the customer.
      3. All decisions of the Company relating to the DCL (including without limitation its approval and the Designated Non-AEON Debts to be settled, whether partially or in full, if at all) shall be absolute and final. In case the customer is required to settle any Designated Non-AEON Debts himself/ herself, the customer must provide all relevant and acceptable settlement records upon the Company’s request.
      4. All accounts to be debited/ credited, whether for loan disbursement or settlement of Designated Non-AEON Debts or otherwise, must each be a sole name account of the customer. Joint name account or corporate account will not be accepted.
      5. The customer shall bear any fees and charges incurred in connection with or occasioned by any termination of credit card/ loan falling under Designated Non-AEON Debts and shall produce proof of such termination to the Company’s satisfaction upon request.
      6. Unless otherwise expressly agreed by the Company in writing, the customer must not re-activate or re-apply for any of the accounts terminated in connection with the DCL or apply for or drawdown any new unsecured credit facilities, or apply for or accept any increase in credit limit on any existing unsecured facilities within 12 months on or after the drawdown date of the DCL.
      7. Should there be any amount/accounts outstanding is not settled/terminated as contemplated under the DCL or otherwise instructed by the Company, the Company may early terminate the DCL and demand immediate full repayment of the DCL.
      8. Regardless of whoever is to make payment to such other banks/financial institutions with respect to any Designated Non-AEON Debts under the DCL, the Company shall not be liable for any overdue payment, interest or any other expenses or liabilities thereof due from/ payable by the customers howsoever under any circumstances.
      9. If there is discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail.




Money Lenders Licence No.: 1767/2022

Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don’t pay any intermediaries.

For any complaint, please call: 2895 6262




AEON Debt Consolidation Loan

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AEON Branch


AEON Branches locations?

Customer can click here to visit AEON Branches locations.

What kinds of payment methods are available?

Repayment can be made through PPS, bank autopay, HSBC payment service, JET payment and cash payment at convenience stores. For details, please click here.

How to operate the hotline system?

Customer can click here to visit AEON hotline system.

How to contact AEON merchant team for business opportunity?

Our merchant team can be reached at 2239-9407 or click here to contact us through email.

What channels are available for AEON Cash Advance application?

AEON Cardmember is able to perform Cash Advance service through “AEON HK” Mobile App, AEON Netmember service, AEON Customer Services Hotline at 2895 6262, or non-AEON ATM network.

What channels are available for set or change of Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

AEON cardholder is able to set or change PIN through “AEON HK” Mobile App*, click here for detail.

* Mastercard with card expiry date earlier than 09/2025 can only request for reissue PIN.
What channels are available for Cash Advance balance check?

AEON cardmember is able to check Cash Advance balance through “AEON HK” Mobile App, AEON Netmember service, contact AEON Customer Services Hotline at 2895 6262, or by non-AEON ATM network.

What types of loan are offered from AEON?

AEON provides AEON Personal Loan; Tax Loan and Home owner Loan. Click here for detail.

How to apply for AEON loan?

Customer can call the application hotline on 2895-6262 or visit any AEON branch nearby.
To apply online, please click here.

Approval process of loan application?

Step 1: Receive application
Step 2: Review information provided
Step 3: Consider the credit report
Step 4: Loan confirmation
Step 5: Loan amount can be released in cash at AEON Branch or requested to transfer to designated bank account.

What is extension charge?

If the loan draw down date falls into the 11th to the last date of the month, an extension charge will be charged on the loan amount calculated on a daily basis from the date of the loan draw down to the sales cut-off date (currently on the 10th of the month).

What is TransUnion Limited?

Please refer to

How to check the result of application?

Customer can call the application hotline on 2895-6262 or visit any AEON branch nearby.

How to apply for AEON Credit Card?

Customer can call the application hotline on 2895-6262 or visit any AEON branch nearby.
To apply online, please click here.

Approval process of credit card application?

Step 1: Receive application
Step 2: Review information provided
Step 3:Consider the credit report
Step 4: Card Approval
Step 5: Card will be mailed to Customer's home address or can be picked up at AEON Branch

How to obtain a copy of cardholder agreement?

Customer can call the customer service hotline on 2895-6262 or visit any AEON branch nearby or click here.

How to obtain a copy of credit card fee schedule?

Customer can call the customer service hotline on 2895-6262 or visit any AEON branch nearby or click here.

What is credit card instalment plan?

At designated merchants, AEON Card member can make use of credit card instalment to pay for goods or services.  The repayment amount will be charged to the card account every month, up to 24 months.

How to obtain a copy of card instalment plan terms and conditions?

Customer can call the customer service hotline on 2895-6262 or visit any AEON branch nearby or click here.

How to draw cash from credit card account?

Card member can draw cash from the card account through AEON Branch, ATM network, by phone or through website. For details, please click here.

Where to check discount merchants offers?

Customer can click here to visit AEON discount merchants offers.

What is One-time Password (OTP)?

OTP Service is a security feature provided by AEON. When you make an online transaction with your AEON Visa cardAEON Mastercard or AEON JCB card at a participating 3D Secure online merchant, you will receive a 6 digits OTP through an SMS to your registered mobile number. Simply enter the OTP to authenticate your transaction.

How to register the OTP Service?

No registration is required for OTP Service. And there is no service charge for this service. The OTP SMS will be sent to your mobile number.
Please ensure your registered mobile number with us is valid and updated.

Why do I need an OTP Service? What are the benefits of OTP?

OTP Service provides an extra security protection against online fraud. When you make an online transaction with your AEON Card at a participating 3D Secure online merchant, an OTP is required for the transaction authentication. With the implementation of this password authentication, should your credit card information be pilfered for any reason, they will not be able to use your credit card for the online transactions without the OTP sent to your registered mobile phone.

Do all online transactions require an OTP?

No. OTP is only required for online merchants that support the 3D Secure authentication protocol.

Does an OTP expire? What happen if I enter the wrong OTP 3 times in a row?

The OTP expires in 3 minutes after it is issued. If cardholder is unable to enter the OTP to complete your online transaction before the OTP expires, you can click "Resend OTP" button on the transaction webpage in order to receive another valid OTP on your registered mobile number. You can re-submit the new OTP to complete the transaction.
Please note that the "Resend OTP" function can only be used 3 times for each transaction. If cardholder uses the "Resend OTP" function for 3 times in a row without entering the correct OTP, you will be unable to complete the transaction. You will have to contact our Customer Service Hotline 2895-6262 to activate the service.
If you are unable to complete the transaction with a valid OTP, the transaction will be declined.

Can I receive an OTP when I am overseas?

If cardholder is overseas and using overseas mobile service providers, the service provider may not support receipt of international SMS. Please bereminded to turn on your mobile phone and activate your roaming service to ensure you can receive the OTP SMS to complete the online transaction when you travel to overseas. Please consult your telecommunication service provider for details.

If my registered mobile number is not a Hong Kong mobile number, will I receive the OTP?

No, the service is only available for Hong Kong mobile number, to use this service cardholder would have to update your registered mobile with a Hong Kong mobile number.

How do I update my mobile number if I did not provide a valid mobile number?

If cardholder does not have a valid mobile number in our record, you would not be able to make successfully transactions. We suggest you to update your mobile number with us immediately through "AEON HK" mobile app or visit our branch  [Click Here] .

What is "AEON Netmember Service"?

Through "AEON Netmember Service", customer can review credit card e-statements, loan or hire purchase account payment advice. Our bill payment service allows customer to pay for over 400 organizations' bills. Moreover, customer can redeem gifts and cash coupons with Bonus Points, apply credit card or loan through the AEON Netmember Service. Stay tuned, more online services will be coming soon.

How do I apply for "AEON Netmember Service"?

All AEON customer can register for the online service through AEON Netmember Website or "AEON HK" Mobile App. 

  1. Fill in the required personal information
  2. Receive and input one-time password to verify the registered mobile number and email address (if any)
  3. Create username and password

Can I register for more than one "AEON Netmember Service" user account?

Each customer can register only once and have only one "AEON Netmember Service" user account. Once you logon to the account, you can view all the eligible accounts under your name with AEON.

Is there any fee for the registration and usage of "AEON Netmember Service"?

AEON Netmember Service is free of charge.

What should I do if I forget my username or password?

If customer forget your username or password, please click "Forget Username/Password" in the login page. You have to provide your personal details for verification. If the provided information matches with our record, we will send your username with a one-time password by SMS. After verification, you can reset a new password.
If you have not received the one time password by SMS, please call our Customer Service Hotline at 2895-6262.

What is “AEON HK” Mobile App (“Mobile App”)?

“AEON HK” Mobile App is a digital platform through which, customer can conveniently and safely access their accounts and check transaction history with just a few clicks. For more details on Mobile App features, please click here.

Is there any fee to use the Mobile App?

AEON will not charge for download and use of the Mobile App. However, customer may be responsible for any mobile data usage fee while accessing our Mobile App service. For details, please refer to your mobile network provider.

How can I download the Mobile App?

To download the Mobile App, customer can simply go to App Store or Google Play Store and search for "AEON HK".

How can I logon to the Mobile App?

For customers who has registered for "AEON Netmember Service": Login "AEON HK" Mobile App by entering username and password, or login with the enabled biometric authentication.
For customer who has not signed up for "AEON Netmember Service", please click here or register via "AEON HK" Mobile App.

What mobile phones can support the Mobile App?

The Mobile App is compatible with the following mobile phones:
• iPhone with iOS 13 or above
• Android phones with version 10.0 or above
Please be noted that tablet models and some specific mobile phones may not support the Mobile App.

Can I logon “AEON Netmember Service” and “AEON HK” Mobile App with a "Virtual Private Network", as known as VPN?


Why am I requested to change my login password after the update?

To enhance the protection of our customers, existing customers must set a new password when logging in for the first time to meet the security requirements of the new service platform.

How to apply for Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service?

Application form can be obtained from AEON Branch or downloaded from AEON website. For details, please click here.

Which types of Octopus can be linked with the Automatic Add Value Service (AAVS)?

AAVS can be linked with all types of Octopus.

How can I apply for AAVS?

To apply for AAVS, you must be aged 18 or above and have a credit card issued by AEON Credit Service (Asia) Co., Ltd ("AEON"). Each Octopus Holder can have maximum 3 AAVS linked with 3 different financial institutions' credit card. Each Octopus Holder can apply maximum 3 AAVS for his/her family members or friends. Each Octopus Holder can have maximum 6 AAVS accounts (3 for Octopus Holder + 3 for family members or friends).

Can I apply for AAVS for more than one Octopus?

You can apply for AAVS for up to three Octopus through three different financial institutions.

I have already applied for AAVS. Why can't my existing Octopus be used for auto reload?

There are two possible causes:

i. The application has not yet been approved by AEON.
Note: AEON will issue a notification letter with instructions for activation of the AAVS upon approval of your AAVS application.

ii. AAVS for the Octopus is not yet activated.
Note: After you have received the notification letter, you should bring the letter and the Octopus to any MTR Customer Service Centre to activate AAVS on your Octopus. If you have an Octopus PC Reader, you can activate the service through Octopus PC Reader Service at our website.

Why has my AAVS application been rejected?

There can be several reasons:

i. You may already have an existing Octopus linked with AAVS through AEON.
Note: You may apply for AAVS for up to three Octopus through three different financial institutions.

ii. If apply for AAVS for family members, friends or relatives, AEON may require that the primary credit cardholder also holds an AAVS account at AEON.

iii. The application form is not properly filled out, or by other reasons that the application cannot be processed. If you have any enquiry, please contact AEON Customer Service Hotline on 2895 6262 or Octopus Customer Service Hotline on 2266 2222.

Can I apply for AAVS for several Octopus using the same credit card account or different credit card accounts at the same financial institution?

For yourself, you can apply for AAVS for up to a maximum of three Octopus through three different financial institutions. You can also apply for AAVS for up to three family members, friends or relatives aged 12 or above.

How can I cancel the AAVS?

Cancellation can be made by calling the Octopus Customer Service Hotline on 2266 2222. Upon receipt of your cancellation request, we will send an authorization letter for de-activating the AAVS function on your Octopus. Please bring the letter and the Octopus to any MTR Customer Service Centre within 7 calendar days to deactivate the AAVS function on your Octopus. You may continue to use the Octopus in the normal way after cancellation.

Note: Cancellation of AAVS must be made by the Octopus user, and not the credit card holder

How to redeem the gifts offered by AEON Bonus Point Program?

Redemption form can be obtained from AEON Branch or click here this link to redeem online.

How to earn bonus point?

Unless otherwise specified in the card application form, cardholders can earn one bonus point for every HK$1 spent on credit purchase.

What kind of transaction does not earn bonus point?

Cash advance, fees and charges (including finance charge, annual fee, late charge and any other charge), tax payment, casino chips and cancelled or refunded transactions will not be entitled to any bonus point.

Under what circumstance will bonus point be deducted? Why does bonus point become negative in my monthly statement?

Under normal circumstance, bonus points will be deducted for redemption. If there is any cancelled or refunded transaction in your card account after deducting the relevant bonus point,AEON will make adjustment on bonus points earned from the transaction. If the bonus point in your card account is less than the adjustment, there is a chance to show negative bonus point.

Example : You have 20,000 bonus points in your credit card account. After making credit purchase of HK$7,000 in a shop, the bonus point balance will become 27,000. If you redeem a piece of AEON HK$100 gift voucher bonus point will be reduced to 2,000 (require 25,000 AEON Bonus Points to redeem one gift voucher). If due to product detects, the merchant agree to cancel the transaction and refund HK$7,000 to your credit card account. Then AEON will deduct 7,000 bonus points from your credit card account. Because the current bonus point balance is 2,000, it will become -5,000 after the adjustment. If there is no new transactions exceeds HK$5,000, the bonus point balance will be shown negative in the statement of that month.

What should I do when bonus point balance is negative?

The new bonus points you earn will be used to offset the negative bonus points until the balance becomes positive in your card account.

Example : If the current bonus point balance is -5,000. And you earn 4,000 new bonus points by purchase spending HK$4,000 in a shop. These earned bonus points will be used to offset -5,000 bonus points. Thus, the bonus points balance will become -1,000 in the statement. The bonus point balance will become positive if you earn more than 1,000 bonus points.

Are all AEON Credit Cards eligible for redemption?

Cardholders of AEON Card JAL and AEON CARD WAKUWAKU are not eligible for the bonus point redemption program.

Is AEON supplementary cardholder eligible for redemption?

No, only AEON principal cardholder is eligible for redemption of supplementary card’s bonus points.

How to redeem?

1. Online – Select the item(s) you wish to redeem from our online catalogue at AEON net member bonus point page.
2. AEON mobile app – To register or logon to AEON Netmember through mobile app. Download "AEON HK" mobile app, please click here.
3. By mail – Complete the redemption form and mail to: 20th Floor, Mira Place Tower A, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Please specify "AEON Bonus Point Program")

How to check bonus point?

Accrued bonus points and their expiry date will be shown on the cardholder’s monthly statement. For your convenience, you can also view your bonus points any time through AEON Netmember Service.

How much is the Paper Statement Fee and when will it be charged?

Effective from statement of Jun 2021, Monthly Paper Statement Fee of HK$10 per statement will be debited in next month statement.

How can I avoid the Paper Statement Fee?

Customer can avoid the Paper Statement Fee simply by enrolling in the e-Statement service. You will be able to view, download and print out past statements via AEON Netmember and "AEON HK" Mobile App at anytime, anywhere.

Who will be eligible for the Paper Statement Fee waiver?

The charge will be waived for the Cardholders who will be aged 65 or above in a calendar year.
I was born on January 1, 1956 and will become 65 on January 1, 2021. Will I be charged the Paper Statement Fee if I have received paper statement in year 2021
No. Exemption is applicable to customers who reached 65 or above during the calendar year. Since you will be aged 65 in 2021, the fee will be waived.

How can I register for e-Statement service?

For New customer / Non-AEON Netmember
1. DOWNLOAD “AEON HK” Mobile App and check “e-Statement” after successful registration.
2. Visit AEON Website and click “LOGON” in the top right corner and register AEON Netmember service in the New User Registration.

*Customer who have registered for AEON Netmemeber service, e-Statement Service will be subscribed automatically

For existing AEON Netmember customers and receive Paper Statement
1. LOGON AEON Netmember Service1
2. Choose “e-Statement”
3. Click “Statement Setting”
4. Select “e-statement”23

1. Change statement option is only available on AEON Netmember, and not available in "AEON HK" Mobile App
2. If the statement setting is updated by 10th of the month, the new setting will be reflected in the current month’s statement.
3. Only principal cardholders can control the e-Statement settings for his/her supplementary card (limited to registered AEON Netmembers only).

If I update the statement setting, how long will it take?

If the statement setting is updated by 10th of the month, the new setting will be reflected in the current month’s statement.

If I have more than one AEON Credit Card, whether need to change for e-Statement service by each card?

Yes. As Principal Cardholder and Supplementary Cardholder will be supplied with separate monthly statements, Principal Cardholder required to change the statement option separately in each card.。
You will be charged for the fee if any paper statements are generated for Supplementary Cardholder during the period. Only principal cardholders can control the e-Statement settings for his/her supplementary card (limited to registered AEON Netmembers only).